June Favorites

Hey guys! June has officially ended and we are breezing our way into July. It means that a lot of people, usually YouTubers, are creating lists of their favorites this past month. I love these monthly favorites because they explore new possibilities and pass on great ideas that range from beauty, to books, to shows! It’s like getting some really good advice or a new doorway to trying something new. So I wanted to share with you my monthly favorites in the hopes that you might find something new as well!

Favorite #1 – grav3yardgirl (YouTube)

I discovered Bunny when I was watching CutiePieMarzia’s video about a clothes swap they did as a way to recycle/reuse. (Click here for the video) I don’t know what compelled me to watch her but I did and I was quite hypnotized by her confidence and loud personality. Bunny does videos concerning beauty products and general life stuff. Her quirky attitude and optimism is absolutely addicting. I mean, who else does awkward videos of themselves on a mission in WalMart? Seriously haha. I love how honest and genuine she is. It’s definitely a spotlight in my day whenever I see her pop up in my subscriptions. If you want to try her out, visit her here. Her videos include first impressions of products, monthly favorites, unboxing videos, hauls, and vlogs.

Favorite #2 – A custom-made conditioner

There was a time when I dyed my hair some pretty bright colors. Being a dark brown, I had to bleach it out. Finally, I went to color that was close enough to mine once I was done with crazy hair colors. That was in March and I really didn’t want to recolor it. I just wanted to grow it out. But it started to dry out – especially come summer. It was killing me to rub my hands through it and the ends were completely bone dry. I realized I needed a little pick-me-up. So, based on my basic knowledge of natural methods, I took my conditioner (Suave) and combined it with honey and a little bit of olive oil. I heated it very briefly because it gets hot very fast. Then I leave it in my hair while I’m showering. This could go two ways. Depending on how much oil you put in it, you might have to wash it afterwards. I know my hair can be generally greasy so I add about 1-2 tablespoons. That way, I don’t have to wash it afterwards. Honey is humanity’s best friend – it heals everything, both internally and externally. Olive oil is known for it’s hair-saving properties. So if you have dry hair or trying to save it from previous chemical-warfare, experiment with these two ingredients to get the right match for your hair.

Favorite #3 – Town House Pita (Crackers)

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Pita cracker, smoked gouda, pepperoni = looovvveeee

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These are my newest addiction when it comes to food. For some reason, they are incredibly filling and satisfying with each triangle cracker. It almost doesn’t feel like cracker with its unique texture and crunch. When I first tried it out, I paired it with pepperoni and smoked gouda cheese. The cheese didn’t overpower the particular taste of the cracker and the pepperoni added what every delicious sausage does to a cracker. They definitely seem most variable with cheese but I’m sure there are so many different things they can go with. Right now, they are my go-to snack food whenever I need something satiable and delicious. I’ve had the Italian Cheese and Herb and Sea Salt. Although I do prefer the Sea Salt, both are equally amazing.

Favorite #4 – Facebook’s Rainbow Filter

With the passing of same-sex marriage, Facebook immediately released a rainbow filter you can add to your profile picture. It allows the community and its supporting members to celebrate and stand up while standing together. It still continues to make me smile whenever I see someone’s picture turn rainbow. If there ever was a way to let someone know you support, Facebook has given us a simple tool to do that. They made the filter flawless and followed true to the colors of the Pride flag. I applaud Facebook for being progressive and allowing the community and supporters to come together.

Favorite #5 – Attack on Titan (Anime)

Attack on Titan has become a global sensation. With a unique story line and intriguing art, I was sucked in. With steep cliff-hangers and an ever-expanding, complex plot, it was able to really set itself apart from anything I have ever seen in storytelling. Originally a manga, it blossomed into an anime series. It starts out with the story of humanity against these giant humanoid creatures known as Titans. They have an insatiable lust for human blood, even though they have no need for food. To protect humankind, people built three giant walls. One day, this all changes when a particular unique Titan destroys one of the walls, allowing the creatures to flood the first wall. The day this happens, Eren, a young preteen, has his whole world destroyed. With a blood lust for the destruction of Titans, Eren and his friends, Armin and Mikasa, become soldiers in a quickly corrupted system doused with secrets. Secrets that involve Eren’s humanity and the Titans themselves. Although you cannot find an English-dubbed version on Netflix, the voices are unique to characters. This is a series that might suit you if you enjoy complicated yet intriguing stories that explore humanity and the fight for knowledge. I just finished the first season and I highly recommend it.


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