What I’ve Learned About: High School

Since last Saturday, I’m officially a graduated adult. Hooray. Now that high school is a chapter I can close, I would like to share what I’ve learned this past couple years that seem like they lasted a lifetime. I’ve picked the top things that I’ve felt like I’ve acquired the most.

  1. This is your high school career. In the states, education doesn’t come as freely as it does now. Take the utmost advantage of that and seek to become a well-rounding student. Take a bunch of different classes but once you find something that clicks, (for example, mine would be the media arts), take variants of that subject. It will help in the long run once you start filling out resumes/applications listing your experience.
  2. Once you start stressing, take a moment and ask yourself, is this really going to matter once I’m out of this place? If the question is no, then do the best you can without crying yourself  to sleep over it. There is a time that I was offered to present a business plan I had. I had so many things going on that I just decided that it wouldn’t hurt me to let this one go. In the long run, I still don’t care.
  3. There are going to be idiots. The best thing is to leave it alone because in the long run, you’re not going to care what they did or what they said that was stupid. You got better things to do with your life.
  4. You really shouldn’t have everything figured out. If you did by the time you got to Junior year, I would say good for you but life is always changing and that’s going to change whether you realize it or not. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to college until I realized there were more options than I could ever imagine. Search for all the options – don’t settle for anything less than what you want.
  5. Ask yourself, is this really something that makes me happy? Our high school years are made up of academic torture, appearances, and short-lived happiness. It’s a tumultuous time and the last thing we need to be is unhappy. I’m not saying it’s unavoidable. But sincerely ask yourself, is this going to make me happy right now and solely at this exact moment or is it going to be something that can procure everlasting happiness? You should make your high school years a somewhat endurable one. For me, it was my unhealthy eating habits. For someone else, it can be partying or rebelling in order to look cool.

The last bit of wisdom I would like to impart is my encounter with my GSA mentor. He’s an older gentleman and has had an abundance of different jobs his entire life. When I was discussing with him the onslaught of negativity I endured with my decision not to go to college, he imparted his life experience that changed me forever. In the past year, he had gotten another job where he interacts with people who need help within the community. It surprised me because at that age, I usually find them retiring. He taught me first that life never stops and you should always seek to enjoy it by doing so many different things. To me, that was a life being fulfilled. It’s okay to not have one job for the rest of your life that you can retire on. It almost seems like to be a well-rounded individual, having a ton of varying jobs make life more meaningful and a more lived one. I hope that you can find some piece of inspiration in this advice. I cannot say that I’m an expert but I have been fighting this battle for quite a long time. In conclusion, I don’t think that this can solely be applied to high school but in everyday life.


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