Falling Back into Youtube

It started out with a non-stop replay of music videos in sixth grade. It really wasn’t until eighth grade that comedians and artists began to blossom simply by sharing themselves to the internet. I soon fell in love with YouTube with a passion. I would faithfully check my subscriptions on a Thursday night and watch every single one. YouTubers like LiveLavaLive, Equals 3, and Charlieissocoolike offered me a world that I still wasn’t a part of. Living in a small town, this was my branching out to discover new and wonderful ways of living life.

Then I moved to Jackson, WY, and everything changed. I was so caught up in this new, foreign world and a growing past that took all my time. All these addictions soon faded and eventually faded altogether. It probably didn’t help that the only internet we had was a faraway neighbor’s. I would place my iPod on the edge of my desk in the corner of my room for it even catch the signal. I really neglected my subscriptions.

Now, with internet at home, I was finally able to start YouTube again. But it didn’t come to me immediately. I found some new people to watch and I was actually quite reluctant to watch all my oldies like Nanalew or Strawberry 17. Channels like LiveLavaLive, once abundant in videos, now had months in between. Channels like Cohenism decided to take a hike and start something completely new. My old comforts had mostly moved on.

Like a breakup, I had to find something new first before I went back to remember the past. I started with gaming channels. Most specifically, Pewdiepie, then Cinnatoastken and finally Markiplier. These eventually branched me out to people like SuperMaryFace and TheFineBros. Once I had a new set of comforts, I finally was able to face my exes.

I found out that WJYWJYWHAT moved on and started a new channel where he now goes by his name, Wyatt Yates. Unlike his old channel, he tried something different, too, with videos that he mostly talks in than the skits he use to do. Which suits me fine.

Strawberry 17 grew and became a channel that is for the general public. She not only talks but also does DIY and try-videos. She use to do more short films but seems to enjoy the more personal videos she now makes.

Mitchell Davis, (LiveLavaLive), definitely almost disappeared. He use to do these really funny skits that I would constantly replay and basically spam the heck out of the like button. Now, his videos are few but he has grown into himself and producing high-quality videos when he does upload.

TheComputerNerd01 still does skits and music parodies. I found that either I’ve grown out of them or maybe it just feels repetitive. Nonetheless, I can tell his camera-operating skills have improved.

Throughout this discovery and expedition back into my once favorite media, I couldn’t help but fall back in love again. I’ve made new subscriptions and smile back on the days when I use to watch videos with Charlieissocoolike would sport red hair, speak in an American accent or read from Twilight. It’s really been a long time but now we’ve all come to grow. Although, I still cannot deny my dedicated fandom to all the amazing YouTubers on YouTube.


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