A Small Victory #1

As I have started my journey to a better physical me, I’ve come to realize that there is a better mental me I could be as well. As for my new workout routine (yoga and running/hiking) I’ve come to really get a new perspective. Although my ultimate goal is to lose ten pounds, I still have a way to go. It has taught me that I will not be satisfied every day because I’m not there right now. It has led me to believe that in order to make it, I must enjoy the small victories. Sometimes I will see on Facebook from MyFitnessPal a post asking what were our weekly victory. I came to my senses that these tiny achievements matter in the long run. They do say, “it’s not the finish line that matters but the journey.” Which makes sense because when I get to my goal and I look back at all the hard work, I will never want to go back again.

My victory today was in yoga. In the past, it has been a major victory for me to reach my toes. All my life, I have never really been able to reach past my calves. Saying this, I haven’t been able to do the crazy thing that most yoga people can do – wrap their hands around their feet. Today, I managed to reach half of my hands around my feet. This may seem a little ridiculous but I was quite astonished when I managed it. It never occurred me that this may be a victory I could achieve. But since it made me happy, I decided that it was worth making it a small achievement.

I appreciate those that are reading this and I hope that you can find some genuine victory – it doesn’t have to be health-related – in your day today to give yourself a pat on the back for. It can even be that you didn’t freak out on someone today that desperately needed it. Or that yoga class that you have been trying to convince yourself to do. Your day will be instantly better for it.


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